Dr. Seara sees patients in the office all day on Mondays and Wednesdays, as well as Tuesday afternoons. His procedures are done on Tuesday mornings and all day on Thursdays.

If you need records from another doctor to be sent to Dr. Seara, or if you need our office to send your records from Dr. Seara to another doctor, please download a copy of this request form, fill it out, and return it to our office.

Note: Once we have received the completed form, the process can take up to 4 business days.


Existing patients can request an appointment by calling our office at 321-433-3000 or clicking here to request an appointment online. If you choose the online option, please choose F. Aguilo-Seara, MD, LLC - Rockledge as the location and F. Aguilo-Seara MD as the physician.


NEW patients

In order to better understand your concerns and conditions, it's best if Dr. Seara is able to review your medical history prior to scheduling an appointment. To streamline this process, we ask that you call your primary care doctor's office and ask them to fax a referral over to our office at 321-433-3001. Once your information has been reviewed, we will call you to schedule an appointment.

Interested in becoming a patient?

Click here to download the medical records request form.

Once your appointment has been scheduled, you will need to fill out some paperwork for your visit.

You will receive an email and/or text message with a link to pre-register. In order to minimize your in-office wait time, we ask that you fill out the pre-registration paperwork prior to coming in for your appointment.